“I had the unique and distinct pleasure of welcoming Susan as a guest speaker to my class at DePaul last night. Susan graciously accepted my invitation to travel from the UK to Chicago. She quickly demonstrated her in-depth knowledge of the Millennial generation (which applies to all my students in this particular class) and her keen grasp on events at the local, national and global levels. Her presentation on values and beliefs aligned with the values and mission of DePaul University and resonated with the students that were listening to and interacting with her. She made an impression, she captured the students’ interests and most were practically laser-locked on her words. I could almost see the “wheels turning” in their heads as they considered and critically thought through what she was discussing. This was particularly relevant discussion, as most students are graduating shortly and are focused on building their careers. Thank you, Susan!”
Janice Newman, Professor at DePaul University

“Susan Popoola is an excellent presenter and engages her audiences well. She is knowledgeable and engaged our students in a discussion around graduate opportunities in the workplace with an awareness of current tends both in the UK and globally.”
Lydia Selby, Centre for Citizenship Enterprise and Governance University of Northampton

“Susan delivered a brilliant talk that resonated amongst all attendees. Her focus on aligning personal or professional goals with our natural skills and competencies resonated amongst all in the room. The audience were truly inspired as she gave tips to help them focus on how to maximise their efforts and potential. Thank you Susan! The Uptions Team looks forward to collaborating with you again.”
Nicky Lewis, Uptions

“When presented with a table topic to speak about, Susan went straight into the response. Her talk was well structured and had a clear conclusion. It was also entertaining.”
Cranfield Toastmasters

“Susan has been an enthusiastic supporter of our mission to help young people into work. She has participated as ‘business ambassador’ in a range of work-related learning and enterprise education sessions. Last year Susan spoke inspirationally to an audience of nearly 100 teenagers, teachers, parents and employers, about the importance of the learning journey to work. Susan was well prepared, spoke personably and projected well. “She spoke to everyone in the room,” said one observer. I would strongly recommend involving Susan in similar activities in the future.”
Tom Bulman, General Manager, Countec Education Business Partnership (now Worktree)

“Susan was a brilliant asset to students here at Highfield School. Susan visited 13 students at Highfield School at the beginning of their Young Enterprise project, at this junction these students had no clear direction of what they wanted to develop neither did they have a strategic plan. Susan asked series of questions that allowed student to consider possible options for their project; she was able to facilitate their ideas without being intrusive. She also made herself available should they have wanted further help. In the end these students went on to win three awards, based on Problem solving within a team, Best Company Reports as well as Best Company representing North Hertfordshire.”
Mrs B Sydney , The Highfield School

“Overall Susan was an asset both from a teacher’s point of view and also the students appreciated her inputs. Susan accepted my request to be a mentor at the 3Plus Mini-Mentoring Event in London in September. Her warm and measured engagement, combined with her deep experience in the area of diversity, proved to be invaluable. She undoubtedly helped contributed to the success of the event.”
Dorothy Dalton, Global Talent Management Strategist

“You have continuously drawn on the key ideas within society that are often avoided and your honest manner of discussing this is fantastic as it means that people have to think! I also enjoy your bubbly approach and how this stops topics being restricted when spoken about. People feel at ease and feel able t provide honest contributions which is sometimes difficult with other speakers.”
Louise – Student

“You appear to have a very open opinion which can be changed if needed. I think this is good as people are more able to see all sides of a discussion. The discussions were good and I felt that the way you could include questions from us was interesting. Today when you brought up food in regards to culture and diversity, I realised the link that I hadn’t thought of before, food is often the first thing accepted from a new culture and is a good indicator.”
Leah – Student

“I think that Susan’s talk was very engaging in getting people interested in talking about things such as different cultures. I found that she had a very friendly and welcoming approach. By asking people specific questions, not only did she make it more interactive and engaging but also showed how culture and ethnicity issues affect everyone.”
Mukau – Student

“Really enjoyed the talk, there was new ideas and ways of thinking about the society we live in more laterally. As much as we’ve divided ourselves over the years via looking at culture, race etc it doesn’t mean that we can’t work together comfortably without pin pointing what makes us different. I’ve always tried to look underneath because majority of the problems we face aren’t even visible and that’s why it’s such a massive problem.”

“From the two sessions with Susan, I’ve learnt that there’s a certain line of visibility of a person known as the waterline of visibility. These concept emphases the idea that people are not only what we see, but have a whole invisible world behind them. We only perceive 10% of a person, but the remaining 90% is hidden from us, so we should look at the bone of a person and not only a shallow evaluation of the individual we encounter.”

“I like the fact that you’re willing to listen to people and take on board people’s ideas and opinions. Discussions with you are great as you are able to give a different insight and perspective on important issues in society. You are able to make people feel comfortable enough to ask questions and share experiences.”

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