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Enabling Students to recognise their value and fully participate in society

Identifying Value – Developing You ~ Inspiring Dreams

For any individual to confidentially live, thrive and be an effective member of society, they need to recognise who they are and their place in society. 

Through the Mosaic Programme, Mosaic Wise works with students to support them in understanding their value, values and society. This enables them to fully identify who they are and develop to be the best that they can be in the various environments & contexts they encounter in life.

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INTRODUCTION The Mosaic Model Perspective

For any individual to confidentially live, thrive and be an effective member of society, they need to recognise who they are and their place in society. Mosaic Wise reviews this at a Local, National and Global Communities with students to enable them to understand both their value and self-worth; and their place in various levels of society through the Mosaic Model.

Susan’s first book, Touching the Heart of Milton Keynes: A Social Perspective explores society at a local level using the example of Milton Keynes. Her second book, Consequences: Diverse to Mosaic Britain advocates the need to go beyond the Diversity argument to inclusive workplaces and societies that take account of both differences and commonalities; allowing for inclusion, integration and the realization of the optimal value that all people have to offer within different environment.

Mosaic Wise primarily delivers to schools through the Mosaic Model, which explores communities from the perspective of both our differences and the things that we have in common. Specifically, the Mosaic Model allows for the exploration of diversity as something of beauty – using the illustration of artwork. It also illustrates how are similarity can bind us together like glue.

The Mosaic Model and Ofsted

Through the core focus of Mosaic Wise programmes, desired outcomes and issues addressed; work with schools helps us to address areas that help meet Ofsted requirements

Core Focus
  • Understanding Values & Britishness
  • Exploring Diversity and developing a fuller awareness of the world around us at Local, National and International levels.
  • Developing a fuller awareness of individuals values and who they are as individuals.
  • Developing the confidence to fully interactive and become involved at all levels of society.
Desired Outcomes
  • Students develop their self knowledge, awareness, social esteem and confidence.
  • Students develop a broad knowledge and awareness of British society and values.
  • Students become more aware of the part in society and feel confident to fully engage.
Issues Addressed
  • Values
  • Britishness
  • Culture & Diversity
  • Self-Knowledge & Awareness
  • Social Esteem & Confidence

Previous Clients

“Susan Popoola is an excellent presenter and engages her audiences well. She is knowledgeable and engaged our students in a discussion around graduate opportunities in the workplace with an awareness of current trends both in the UK and globally.”

Lydia Selby, Centre for Citizenship Enterprise and Governance University of Northampton

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