Bringing Enlightenment to Young Adults

The Phaesporia Programme takes its name from the Greek Goddess Phaesporia who was known as the “bringer of light”. The Programme aims to bring light by focusing on the lives of young people from 16 years old upwards from a looked after background during their critical transition from corporate care to self-sufficiency. At the same time, the programme aims to develop new spaces and places for young people during this time of transition.

The participants in each programme benefit from structure, support and guidance which is designed to help young adults who are leaving the care system or who are estranged from their families. It facilitates positive steps towards independent living and enables young people to become productive members of society.

The six-month programme was piloted in 2018/19 by Mosaic Wise with key support from the Akabusi Charitable Trust and Milton Keynes College.

Each young person participating in the programme was supported to:
  • develop a fuller understanding of who they are
  • understand their own individual values & motivations
  • appreciate & build their own sense of self-worth
  • receive recognition of what they want from life & their place in society
  • develop a plan to achieve their objectives and take the first steps towards reaching them.
Methods include:
  • monthly talks with visiting motivational and inspirational speakers
  • round table discussions
  • one to one coaching support
  • mentoring and guidance.
Important themes explored by programme participants include:
  • motivation, confidence – overcoming & achieving
  • safety & security
  • empathetic voice & opportunity to be heard
  • isolation, belonging & opportunity to practice communications
  • support, guidance & exposure to opportunities
  • crucial skills.

Motivation – “Every one of the motivational speakers gave me hope that I could do and become whatever I chose!”

Confidence – “Being in such a supportive group made my personality come out more & I feel I can talk and converse with anyone!”

Knowledge & Practical Steps – “The Programme made my life so much easier because I was able to tackle all of the obstacles in my life. It lifted the weight off my shoulders!”

We know that, compared to the average, a higher proportion of young adults leave care with statements of special educational needs, have clinically significant mental health difficulties, achieve lower attainment levels in key stage examinations and are at greater risk of conviction for offending. (Need hard evidence of these statements for back-up use in promotional activity).

High value programmes such as Phaesporia are very special because they work at grass roots level with young people at a critical and formative time in their lives. In the words of Kris Akabusi MBE, “there is real work going on here. It’s priceless work with real people who are making decisions that will potentially shape the rest of their lives. It’s about ensuring that young people get a good start. It’s worth it; it’s real stuff!”

For more detailed information about the Phaesporia Programme, more insights into the early-stage outcomes to date plus future plans for development, contact Susan Popoola

“The people who get on in this world are the people who get up and look for the circumstances they want, and, if they can’t find them, make them.”

– George Bernard Shaw


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