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Phaesporia, an enlightening programme is a support programme aimed at providing young adults coming out of care with support and guidance during the early years of their transition from the care system.

Phaesporia is a year long programme run by Engaged For Success, which starts in January 2018 with the objective of supporting you as a care leaver through the early years of your transition by:
• Supporting you in developing a fuller understanding of who you are
• Helping you to understand your value and motivations
• Enabling you to appreciate and build your self-worth
• Supporting you in recognising what you want from life and your place in society
• Guiding you in the development of a plan to achieve your objectives and taking the first steps to achieving them.

The programme will help support you in achieving this through:
• Monthly talks and roundtable discussions
• One to one coaching support
• Mentoring support and guidance

Phaesporia will run in Central Milton Keynes with refreshments provided together with support with transport if required.


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