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Keynote talks, Workshops & Roundtable discussions focused on Identify, Purpose, Employability and Place in the Work Place and Wider Society.

The Teaching Excellent and Students Outcomes Framework for Higher Education aims to recognise and reward excellence in teaching, learning and outcomes, and to help inform prospective student choice.

It critically focuses on key areas inclusive of:

  • Ensuring all students receive an excellent teaching experience that encourages original thinking that drives up engagement and prepares them for the world of work.
  • Recognising institutions that do the most to welcome students from a range of backgrounds and support their retention and progression
  • Including a clear set of outcome-focused criteria and metrics.

Through keynote talks, workshops and roundtable discussions, Engaged for Success programmes support the achievement of these objectives by helping students to begin to develop an in-depth understanding of:

  • Who they are and confidentially be the best that they can be
  • What they want from live and develop effective plans to achieve
  • How to focus and make the most of study time and life as a whole
  • How to communication with different people in different environments and work effective
  • How to achieve the best possible outcomes in the different environments they encounter
  • Employability skills and how to apply them in different environments
  • Communicate their value to others and grow their influence
Core Focus
  • Understanding Values & Britishness
  • Exploring Diversity and developing a fuller awareness of the world around us at Local, National and International levels.
  • Developing a fuller awareness of individuals values and who they are as individuals.
  • Developing the confidence to fully interactive and become involved at all levels of society.
Desired Outcomes
  • Students develop their self knowledge, awareness, social esteem and confidence.
  • Students develop a broad knowledge and awareness of British society and values.
  • Students become more aware of the part in society and feel confident to fully engage.
Issues Addressed
  • Values
  • Britishness
  • Culture & Diversity
  • Self-Knowledge & Awareness
  • Social Esteem & Confidence

Previous Clients

“Susan Popoola is an excellent presenter and engages her audiences well. She is knowledgeable and engaged our students in a discussion around graduate opportunities in the workplace with an awareness of current trends both in the UK and globally.”

Lydia Selby, Centre for Citizenship Enterprise and Governance University of Northampton

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