Care Leaver Covenant

Last Friday I was privileged to be in Birmingham for the Care Leaver Covenant launch.

It’ nothing complex really, just a basic promise to ensure that Care Leavers between the age of 16-25 are supported in living independently with a focus on the following key outcomes:

1. Care leavers are better prepared and supported to live independently.
2. Care leavers have improved access to employment, training and education.
3. Care leavers experience stability in their lives and feel safe and secure.
4. Care leavers have improved access to health and emotional support.
5. Care leavers achieve financial stability.

Organisations can sign up to the Covenant here: Covenant Sign Up

I believe there is the need for support from more than just employers so even without signing the covenant it would be great if people can take the time to better understand the challenges that care leavers face in a bid to show more empathy and support to them.

To help, here’s Ryan’s story, which was highlighted yesterday: Life of Ryan

In addition, you’ll find me writing a bit about Care Leavers over time.


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